About SRC «Youth»
About SRC «Youth»

About SRC «Youth

The Scientific Research Centre “Youth” is a unique centre for the study of the state of contemporary Kazakhstani youth. The Centre conducts in-depth research on youth and youth policy in order to identify trends that have been in the shadows.

The main activities of the Youth Research Centre are

The scientific research centre's brand is the National Report “Youth of Kazakhstan”. Since its inception, the centre has produced and released eight national reports that include such areas of youth life as

The National Report is the result of comprehensive work and interaction between experts and representatives of various sectors at all levels.

The Scientific Research Centre “Youth” currently has the following units within its structure:

  1. Analysis and Communications Department;
  2. Sociological Research and Forecasting Department;
  3. Methodological Support of Youth Resource Centres Department;
  4. Organisational and Financial Department.