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National report «Youth of Kazakhstan – 2022»

National report «Youth of Kazakhstan – 2022»

Национальный доклад «Молодежь Казахстана – 2022»

The national report “Youth of Kazakhstan – 2022” is prepared by order of the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan as part of the implementation of the law “On State Youth Policy”. This year, the tenth annual release of the report consists of a comprehensive analysis of the situation of the country’s youth in the main areas of their life, taking into account socio-economic and global geopolitical challenges.

The report examines the most important social parameters of youth development, such as demography, health, education and science, socio-economic status, civic and political participation, youth security and state youth policy. In preparing the report, the latest statistical and analytical data of state bodies, international organizations, as well as research institutes are used. The report contains recommendations on areas, taking into account the socio-economic, as well as political transformation in the country.

The national report “Youth of Kazakhstan – 2022” is intended for everyone who is interested in studying the current situation in the youth environment and the practical implementation of youth policy: for representatives of government bodies, civil sector organizations, youth policy institutions, educational institutions, youth non-governmental organizations, the expert community, the media and etc.

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