Kazakhstan marks Day of State Symbols

Kazakhstan marks Day of State Symbols

В Казахстане отмечается День государственных символов

Kazakhstan marks Day of State Symbols

Today on the 4th of June Kazakhstan marks the Day of State Symbols, Kazinform reports.

The state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan are its National Flag, the National Emblem and the National Anthem which is established in the Constitutional law.

It is observed on June 4 according to the Decree of the Head of State as of June 4, 2007. The new state symbols of independent Kazakhstan were approved on June 4, 1992.

The National Emblem was designed by well-known architects Zhandarbek Malibekov and Shot-Aman Ualikhanov. The National Flag was made by designer and artist, merited worker of arts of Kazakhstan Shaken Niyazbekov. The National Anthem music was composed by Shamshi Kaldayakov and the lyrics by Zhumeken Nazhimedenov and First President of Kazakhstan-Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev.

In his congratulatory letter last year President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said that the Flag, Anthem and Emblem symbolize the highest values of the country’s independence, such as peace, unity, accord and progress.


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