A new dialog platform "YZ CLUB" has been launched

A new dialog platform "YZ CLUB" has been launched

Запущена новая диалоговая площадка «YZ CLUB»

A new dialog platform "YZ CLUB" has been launched

The Committee for Religious Affairs of the IOR has launched a new dialogue platform "YZ CLUB", designed to discuss topical issues of the religious sphere with young people. 

The name of the dialogue platform is based on the designations of generations – Y (born in 1980-1997) and Z (born in 1997-2015). Within the framework of the club, the Committee will regularly hold meetings with representatives of the youth community.

The beginning of the work of the dialogue platform was laid by the meeting of the Chairman of the Committee Yerzhan Nukezhanov with representatives of the Association of Young Religious Scholars "VERSUS", which took place on May 21 this year.

The meeting took place in a park near the Palace of Peace and Accord in Nur-Sultan, which helped to create an atmosphere of openness, trust and harmony among the participants.

During the meeting, the issues of employment of graduates of religious and theological specialties, involvement of young people and civil society in the prevention of religious extremism in social networks, as well as joint development of new projects and approaches in the field of religion were discussed.

In addition, E. Nukezhanov drew attention to such aspects as the improvement of educational programs in universities, the teaching of secular-oriented disciplines, the quality and content of industrial practice in the specialization, access to literature in the state language, the participation of students in scientific research in the field of religion, as well as the introduction of advanced foreign experience in this field.

Following the meeting, the parties agreed to continue strengthening cooperation and cooperation in order to improve the religious situation in the country.

It is expected that the holding of events within the framework of the YZ CLUB dialogue platform will attract young people to jointly solve urgent problems in the religious sphere and increase the level of civic consciousness in preventing the spread of the ideology of religious extremism in the country. 


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