Ecological theater opened in Kazakhstan for the first time

Ecological theater opened in Kazakhstan for the first time

В Казахстане впервые открыт экологический театр

Ecological theater opened in Kazakhstan for the first time

In Nur-Sultan, with the support of the Ministry of Information and Public Development and the Center for Support of Civil Initiatives, the first ecological theater in Kazakhstan was opened under a state grant.

To create an eco-theater, professionals from the team of the National Delphic Committee and production directors of the Russian Drama Theater were invited, who prepared a performance for children based on the fairy tale "The Adventures of the Grineyks". The production involved 15 schoolchildren, 15 more children became young spectators. The creative team aims to explain eco-culture to schoolchildren through art. It is planned to hold two performances a month for young viewers.

The aim of the project is to form the young generation of ecological consciousness, promote the culture of environmental protection and waste disposal.

Also, in order to develop inclusive education, the social project "Eco-Workshop"was launched in the theater. Here, visitors will be clearly shown how to visualize and maintain eco-culture with the help of crafts and recycled waste.
Moscow schoolchildren can visit the "eco-workshop" twice a week.

The Eco-Theater and Eco-Workshop projects, first presented in Kazakhstan, are implemented on the initiative of the ROP operator with the support of the Mayor's Office of Nur-Sultan, the ROO "United Children's and Youth Organization" Zhas Ulan", the Adal Niet Foundation.


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